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Ultrahigh temperature and mechanical stress

At Belpico, we are developing novel carbon-carbon (CC) composites for aerospace industry branded as SAGAS. SAGAS exhibit great thermal conductivity, moderate thermal expansion, wear resistance, excessive specific strength, and low thermal expansion coefficient. Therefore, these properties make SAGAS suitable for many aerospace applications. SAGAS can be used for the nose cap and leading edges of the space shuttle, rocket nozzles exit cones and high-performance brakes of a plane.

Soaring temperature, fast speed, and significant stress are the operating conditions for the aerospace applications. At atmospheric re-entry, the nose cones and leading edges of hypersonic vehicles have to withstand up to 1600 °C. Meanwhile, solid rocket motors nozzle work at temperatures up to 3000 °C. Performing at this condition requires resistance to ultrahigh temperature and mechanical stress. Such applications demand oxidation, thermal shock, ablation resistance, and dimensional stability.

At Belpico, we provide solutions to the ultrahigh temperature and mechanical stress demands with SAGAS. SAGAS have three main components fibrous carbon substrate, a carbonaceous matrix and a coating. Carbon fibres increase the strength and stiffness of the composite material. These fibre incorporated into carbon matrix. There is a protective coating which exhibits spectacular friction performance and strong wear resistance. This coating makes it possible for SAGAS to withstand tremendous temperatures. SAGAS keep room temperature mechanical properties at >2225°C in nonoxidising and 1600°C in oxidising environments. Moreover, mechanical properties of SAGAS can be tailored over a wide range of specifications to fit the application by weaving patterns, and lay-up procedures.

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