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Impact toughness, thermal stability, water absorption and flame retarding

At Belpico, we are developing space qualified polymer matrix nanocomposites branded as SIRIS. SIRIS exhibit good impact toughness, thermal stability, water absorption and flame retarding properties. It can withstand atomic oxygen and solar radiation for over 30 years in low earth orbit. SIRIS unique properties of strength, toughness, fatigue life, impact resistance, and scratch protection make it suitable for large low weight outer space structures.

Aerospace structures have demanding radiation dose requirements. Apart from dose requirements, high altitude platform requires; low weight, corrosion protection, reasonable solar absorption, radiation resistance, high thermal emissivity, and electrical conductivity. Proper nanofiller and matrix material composition can achieve desired multifunctional properties. As a result, nanocomposites have an annual growth rate of 25% in aerospace applications.

At Belpico, space qualified polymer matrix nanocomposites SIRIS is produced by the automated robotic operation. Automated production ensures the dispersion of the nanoparticles evenly inside the matrix material. Additionally, the nanoparticle–matrix interaction is well controlled from the beginning of the production by functionalization of nanofillers. Thus, modulus and shear strength of polymer matrix have been increased by evenly distributing the nanofibers into the body. Moreover, SIRIS show enhanced gas barrier properties, storage modulus, stress, and elongation at failure properties. Overall, SIRIS can be used for equipment enclosures, aircraft interiors, coatings, cockpit, crew gear, heat shrink tubing, space durable mirrors, housings, shrouds, nozzles, solar array substrates, sizeable low weight outer space structures.

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