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Repair of composite structures

Maintenance for the SIRIS, SAGAS, and TOPSPOT

Fibre reinforced polymer composite materials are used in sectors such as aerospace, construction, marine, petrochemical industries. By the demand from the consumers, composite repair systems emerged as a new field. Such repair has distinct advantages, as corrosion prevention, quick fix, safety, and economy.

Repair of composite structures can be applied depending on structural performance, functionality, processing time, and cost requirements. For instance, traditional mechanical fastening can recover the compressive strength and out-of-plane buckling of materials. This approach is cheap and easy. On the other hand, bonded patch repairs are the best practice that can be applied. Bonded patch repairs provide the most efficient restoration of strength, adding minimal weight and a negligible change to the surface profile. This practice is expensive. Because, damaged components needed to be removed, and surfaces must be adequately provided.

At Belpico, we offer necessary maintenance for the SIRIS, SAGAS, and TOPSPOT. If the damage is cosmetic or a temporary one; first, repair panel is fabricated to be used for the handling. In the meantime, the damage is isolated to the core of the damaged site. Next, surface preparation techniques are applied both to the damage site and repair panel. Later repair doubler and the repair kit are applied to the section. Finally, ultrasounds (C-Scan) testing is used to the bonded joints. If the composite suffers in-service damage, due to fibre breakage or delaminations, structural repairing is applied. Such case damaged fibre and plies substituted with new ones. Damaged part is removed, and patches by using adhesives were applied. Ultrasounds (C-Scan) testing is applied to the bonded joints.

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